Few valleys can boast the natural beauty and the scenic views of Val d’Ayas: wide and sun drenched spaces, it offers a privileged view onto the spectacular and majestic Monte Rosa, which stands out against the blue of the clear sky.

right in the heart

of the Alps

Val d’Ayas: where unspoilt nature and breath-taking landscapes are framed timelessly. In summer, rich coniferous forests alternate with lush green pastures and flowering meadows. In winter the snow covers everything with its silent soft blanket, creating a truly magical and enchanting atmosphere.

Mountains are for everyone, not only for the mountaineers: for those who want to rest in the quiet as well as for those who seek an even greater rest in exertion.
(Guido Rey, mountaineer and writer)


from Nature

Sport, relaxation, good food and rich local traditions make your holiday even more special. All year round Val d’Ayas is the perfect place to practice sport in the open air, as well as to relax and to regenerate yourself, immersed in the natural scents and in the tranquillity that this idyll oasis provides.

The excellent traditional cuisine enriches the experience in Val d’Ayas: enjoy a succulent bowl of polenta, with cheese accompanied by a glass of local wine. A perfect combination to heal both the body and the mind.


Endless beauty

Wood and stone blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment, being at one with nature.
This seamless balance is reflected throughout all the spaces of the Maison, in total  harmony with the Valley.

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